The Internet population is a very attractive audience for the ad dollars you invest marketing your company. Internet surfers are informed consumers who, according to demographics, have significant buying power.

Forever Design will create pages that are an extension of your business.

Getting Started / Web Site Development

Marketing Your Website / Advertising and PR

Active Websites created by Forever Design:
Forever Design offers cost-effective guidance for putting businesses on the World Wide Web. Forever Design can help anyone get on-line – from one-man operations to large corporate businesses on a budget.

Web Site Template program:

Forever Design offers a website template program. A website program that can allow your company to choose a website layout that you can change and update yourself. If you would like a template and need help to customize it for your business, we can help you. Contact Forever Design.

With the guidance of Forever Design your business can reach more people – and save money – on the Internet.

Getting Started:

If you're considering establishing a web presence, first you must:

Have service connected - with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in your area.
Develop Your Web Site – Forever Design will design the look, layout, links, etc.
Host Your Web Site – Forever Design will upload your web site so that people can access it at any time of the day or night.
Market Your Web Site – not only by traditional methods, but through the Internet as well. Forever Design can create flyers, posters, etc. for promoting your company.

At Forever Design we pride ourselves on well designed internet pages. This is more than great looking graphics, it also means how fast your page comes up on someone's computer! If people have to wait, they will stop the incoming page and move onto something different. Forever Design designs your graphics with small file sizes in mind (this helps with the speed of your pages) but do not compromise in design quality. Forever Design works very hard for you to assure you of one of the fastest pages possible. Its very important when creating additional pages that your customers know that they are still looking at your web site. Forever Design gives you the consistency your customers want, and the design quality you want.

Web Site Development:

  • Home Page: 1st page of web site.
    Approx. 8 1/2" x 11", 5 photos and/or graphics, 300 words of text.
    • More photos/graphics can be added.
  • Additional Pages:
    Approx. 8 1/2" x 11", 5 photos and/or graphics, 300 words of text.
    • More photos/graphics can be added.
    • Updating of existing pages.
  • Gallery of Thumbnails - Photo Pages:
    Using thumbnails to click for larger views. 1-15 thumbnails per page.
  • Photo Only Pages:
    Used to show a large picture and links for your site.
  • Special Actions and Java Scipts
  • Secure Online Order Forms
  • Registering with Search Engines: Registering your company with popular search engines (approx. 3 hours for this process).
  • Banner Ads: approx. 400 w. pixels x 50 h. pixels

All data transfers and page uploads will be taken care of by Forever Design.

Due to the way electronic information can be passed from one computer to another, Forever Design requires half down before designing can begin. If you have any questions about this policy, feel free to discuss this with Forever Design.

Marketing Your Website

The struggles involved in marketing a web site over the Internet continue for many as the number of web pages continues to grow. The odds of getting your web site to show up in search engines is quickly diminishing and banner and email advertising are proving to be not as cost-effective as originally planned.

To market your site successfully today, you need to be creative. 'Think out side of the box'! Many businesses assume that successful on-line marketing must originate through a web browser. A web browser is just one method of distributing your URL. Depending on your type of business, the web browser is just one vehicle for reaching your target audience. Here are some alternatives that don't reside in a web browser.

Every piece of marketing material printed should clearly display your web address. While to many this seems like a 'no-brainer', trust me when I say it is often disregarded. Your corporate brochures are an excellent marketing tool but do not provide the flexibility that the web has to offer. By listing your URL on the brochure, you can constantly make up-dates and revisions to your product offerings that are always available over the Internet. It costs you nothing to simply place your web address and it will only increase awareness of your web site.

Advertising and PR

If you run television ads, radio spots or print campaigns or distribute press releases to the media, make sure your URL is mentioned. Depending on the message or campaign, you can create specific URLs ( that coincide with the campaign's offerings. This allows you to cater a specific message to a specific offering. By not placing your web address you are simply not optimizing your advertising efforts.

Many businesses treat the Internet as a completely separate entity and fail to integrate the web into their overall marketing communications approach. For some, this is because they are not confident in what their web site has to offer while others are just unsure how the integration should take place. Whatever the reasoning may be, businesses not utilizing their web site as a marketing tool are probably missing out on golden opportunities.

Thank you for your interest.

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