Forever Design can create these many products from start to finish for your business:


Forever Design has created graphics for billboards, soccer balls, a side of a building, clocks, oven mitts, t-shirts, golf shirts, other apparel, calculators, flashlights and many others.


Past paperwork, files, photos, graphics or old contracts. We can scan any old files and create an on screen PDF (portable document file) which can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader (provided free) on any PC or Machintosh system. The files can be a search/link to document. These files can be put on a CD to help reduce storage space. It's recommend that you have 2 CDs made of each Master CD, one on-site and one off-site. Any page can be printed or viewed from the PDF unless otherwise specified for security reasons. Security can include a password for sensitive material.


Business Cards are 1-4 colors measuring 2"x3.5" and typically printed on one side. If there is a lot of information you need on your business card you can print on the back or have a fold-over card, with information on the front and the inside. Remember that most people will put your business card in a rolodex type filing system where only the front of the card will be seen. Make sure all of the contact information, name, and logo can be seen on the front.


Brochures/Catalogs are usually for the retail market. 1-4 color displaying photos and descriptions of products for sale. Brochures or catalogs which are done in 4-color process aren't usually updated as much as maybe a 1 color catalog, due to cost.


Gift certificates are used for sales promotions or as coupons. Certificates are also recognitions you want to give an individual or an organization. Some certificates can be foil stamped or embossed. Certificates can also be pre-printed with color inks and run through a laser or inkjet printer to be used on a per-need basis.


Desktop publishing is anything done with graphics and or text on these many different formats discussed here.


Flyers are usually 8.5"x11" printed on one or both sides. Customers use these as handouts or fold them for mailing promotions.

Pamphlets are typically 8.5"x11" or 14" folded to measure 4.25" x 5.5" or trifolded. To help with cost, many customers use color paper and black ink.


Forms/Contracts such as fill out forms having different color NCR paper for the different customers or departments of a company. (NCR paper is the paper used when you only write on the first sheet and the written information can be seen on the other sheets of the form.)


Illustration and design is usually custom made graphics. Many pre-made clipart/photos can be used in an illustration to give the desired effect needed.


Internet banner ads are used to advertise a special promotion or internet web page/site. Depending on where the banner ad will be displayed depends on what size it will be. Banner ads are typically done with some kind of animation to get the attention of the viewer. Banner ads need to get the point across rather quickly, because people do click-throughs so much.


Forever Design can create a site from concept to publication, or take an existing site and change it per your specifications. A template site can also be created for your organization and updated on a per needed basis by you if you have a domain name (i.e.: The template site can be placed on my server or transferred to your server. When a site is created it always needs a home page (front page or navigation page) and then any other pages needed for your organization. The pages should be no longer than 2-8.5"x11" pages, if at all possible. When starting a site, start with 5 pages, ex.: this could be your home page (navigation page) about your company page, products page, give away page, order page, order/shipping policies page, just to name a few. See the Web Page Design page for more information.


Keepsake books are created of your memories and histories, sometimes called geneology books. Keepsake books can also be created from special events in a persons life, such as building a new home, vacations, school memories, reunions, etc.


Logos are identification icons for businesses and organizations. Logos can be text only, graphics only or a combination of both. Forever Design can create a logo from any concept you have for your company. If you only have a printout of your logo and would like an electronic version; we can create a color/electronic/printable version from the artwork supplied; it can then be used by any platform. When creating a logo, you should always have a black & white, and a color version. The color of a logo usually refers to 1, 2, 3, or 4 color (black is considered a color).


Menus for restaurant or special agendas. These can be done in many different sizes, depending on your needs.


Newsletters are typically 11"x17" folded to measure 8.5" x 11" with information about a company or organization. It can be done on pre-printed paper or on color paper and printed with only one color for a monthly or quarterly update. This makes a nice piece and helps keep down the cost.


Newspaper/Magazines ads can be created from any marketing campaign you have or need. From black and white to 4-color glossy. Most newspapers and magazines accept electronic files, which can be e-mailed or put on a disk (CD recommended). When creating an ad for a publication, we need to know: size, line screen, how many colors, electronic file format and due date.


Overhead presenations can be used for anything that needs to be viewed for a large audience.


Postcards are made for mailings, and can be different sizes and ink colors. Postcards must be within the federal postal regulations for size and weight.


Posters are typically 11"x17" to retail poster size. A poster is usually something a person would want displayed on a wall. Done in 1-4 color; usually not for sales specials.

Signs can be many different sizes and made out of many different materials. Examples are table top (8.5"x11" or 11"x17"), yard signs (wood, metal or plastic), building signs, poster size 11x17 and up, window displays for special sales.


Scanning can be done from almost any media including slides and transparencies. The electronic version can be saved into any format you need from black & white to 4-color (CMYK) process.

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